Punk Rocker!

1960’s rock was the foundation that built Punk music with bands like The Kinks and The Ramones forming the basic sound adopted and adapted by the bands of the 70’s. 

Artists such as David Bowie with his intellectual thought provoking lyrics, Alice Cooper’s with his dark individuality, Iggy Pop with his theatrical performances and less obvious individuals such as Gary Glitter have all been honored as strong influences in Punk rock evolution. The formation of the Sex Pistols and their first performance in November 1975 can really be seen as the true birth of the UK Punk rock scene. 

The lead singer of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, was not shy in venting his true feelings, once declaring to an audience "Bet you don't hate us as much as we hate you!" and often brought the fans to the point of riot. By 1976 the following had grown and the Sex Pistols performance in Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall to a small audience of 40 has been cited as being the most influential rock performance in history inspiring audience members who later went on to form hugely successful bands such as The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and The Smiths. 

1976 saw the first Punk single “New Rose’ being released by The Damned followed closely by the release of the legendary Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols thrusting Punk firmly into the mainstream UK music scene.